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Community Council Vacancies

Vacancy We Need You For FbThis page will advertise any vacancies that arise within the Community Council – for Councillors or staff.

If vacancies for Councillors arise we first have to publish a notice asking residents if they want to trigger a BY-ELECTION; TEN residents have to respond saying they do want one for a by-election to go ahead. If 10 residents do not request a by-election we move on to the CO-OPTION phase. In this phase eligible people who would like to join the Council fill in an application form. The forms go through to a meeting of the full Council and Councillors vote on who they would like to co-opt. A leaflet explaining a bit more about how it all works is attached here for you.

  • Gresford West has FIVE Council places
  • Gresford East has THREE Council places
  • Marford and Hoseley has SIX Council places

AT the moment we have ONE vacancy – for Marford and Hoseley; this has now reached the second stage of the process – co-option. If you would like to apply – and we hope you will – the form you need is in the button above. Just click, download, complete and send the the Clerk.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a Community Council? A Community Council is an organisation set up by statute by and run by local residents to act on behalf of its area. As the most local tier of elected representation, Community Councils play an important role in local democracy. They bridge the gap between local authorities and communities and help to make public bodies aware of the opinions and needs of the communities they represent.

Can anyone at all become a Community Councillor? No, you have to be eligible, and not disqualified,  in order to apply. See the first page of the application form, above, to read the eligibility criteria.

Can people who don’t live round here join our Community Council? You have to live or work within three miles of our GCC border to be eligible to apply.

How much time does it take to be a Community Councillor? The minimum amount of time you need to be willing to give is about three hours every month. GCC meets on the first Thursday of every month and meetings last about two hours. You also need roughly an hour to read the papers before the meeting so that you understand what’s going on and what needs to be decided, and why. You can’t really have a meaningful opinion if you don’t understand the issues being discussed!

What is involved in being a Community Councillor?
Being a Community Councillor means taking shared responsibility for the success of
the Community Council. Councillors must commit to the role and uphold the standards and values of the Community Council. All members should attend meetings regularly and contribute to discussions and decisions
concerning the work of the Community Council. Councillors must reflect the views of the community as a whole, fairly and even-handedly, and respecting the need to try to consider the needs of all residents, not particular interest groups, irrespective of their own personal opinions.

What sort of things can Councillors get involved in? We have four committees – Cemetery, Finance, General Amenities and Lighting. General Amenities covers a lot of things – our playgrounds, remembrance, Christmas arrangements, events and activities and the environment, for example.

So, if you really want to be involved in making this a better place to live, and to enjoy being on the Community Council, you’ll need to give a bit more time. For example, you could join the GCC group which organises events and help to create our annual scarecrow, or to organise the GCC Grotto, or Picnic in the Park. Maybe you’d be great as part of our Finance Committee, helping us to make sure we get value for money, or you could get involved in our environmental group which is currently prioritising the development of a number of wildflower areas and improving the water quality of Gresford Lake.

How often does the Council meet? GCC meets on the first Thursday of every month and the committees generally meet at least four times a year.

Where does the Council meet? We have been meeting online since COVID but we are setting up hybrid meetings which will enable people to both meet in person and to login online. We use Zoom for this. We will be meeting in the Blue Room at the Trust. Meetings start at 6.30.

Are there rules that the Council must follow? Community Councils are governed by laws and has a ‘rule book known as ‘Standing Orders’ based on these laws which they follow. There are also legally enforceable Financial Regulations which govern them.

Are there rules that Councillors must follow? Community Councillors are governed by the Code of Conduct which has been set in law by the Welsh Government. Before a person can become a Councillor they must sign a declaration that they will abide by, and uphold, the Code. You can download a copy of the Code from our Policies and core documents page).

How can residents find out what happens at Community Council meetings? Meetings are open to the public, so if you are interested in seeing what goes on, or in becoming a community councillor, feel free to come along and see how it all works. The agendas for most meetings are published on this website in advance. Notes are taken at meetings and these are published as Minutes which record information such as who attended and what was decided. If anyone has an interest in an item that could mean they might have a biased view they have to declare this and this interest is also recorded in the Minutes. All the Minutes are published on this website for you to read and/or download. See Meetings of the Full Council and Committee minutes and agendas 

Is there training to help people learn about being a Councillor? There is excellent training available from One Voice Wales which all Councillors are encouraged to attend. This training is paid for by the Community Council and is provided online in the afternoons and evenings. Each module lasts for two hours. Modules on Induction for new Councillors, the Code of Conduct and Local Government Finance are particularly important for new Councillors. There is also a lot of support provided by the Clerk and colleagues are always happy to help.

What is the Council’s role in relation to Planning Applications? The Community Council is a ‘statutory consultee’ on all Planning Applications in our GCC area. Planning is an item on the agenda of every Full Council meeting and every application is given careful thought. If residents contact us about a Planning Application we will carefully consider what they say, but the Council is only able to object about things that are ‘material considerations’ in terms of Planning Regulations.

Come and join us! We have ONE vacancy (Stage 2: Co-option)

Formal Notice of Co-option: Local Government (Wales) Measure 2011, Section 116: Notice of Co-option

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Gresford Community Council intends to co-opt ONE member to fill the vacancy that exists in the office of Councillor for the Marford and Hoseley Ward.

Expressions of interest are sought from members of the public who meet the following qualifications and are interested in representing their community on the aforementioned Community Council. You must be a British citizen, an eligible Commonwealth citizen, a citizen of any member state of the European Union or a qualifying foreign citizen, and be 18 years of age or over. You must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • you are registered as a local government elector for the area named above; or
  • you have, during the whole of the last 12 months, occupied as owner or tenant land or other premises in the community named above; or
  • your principal or only place of work during the last 12 months has been in the community named above; or
  • you have, during the whole of the last 12 months, resided in the Community or within 4.8 kilometres of it.

If you would like more information regarding the role of a Community Councillor, or wish to be considered for co-option for the vacant seat, please go to our website,

Vacancies|Gresford Community Council, where you will find information and an application form to download, or contact the Proper Officer, Clerk to the Council on clerk@gresfordcommunitycouncil.gov.uk or 07470 631184

Dated this 4thday of May, 2023

1 Certain people are disqualified from standing. These include paid officers of the Community Council, anyone subject to bankruptcy restriction orders, and those subject to recent sentences of imprisonment.