Community Council Vacancies

This page will advertise any vacancies that arise within the Community Council – for Councillors or staff.

If vacancies for Councillors arise we first have to publish a notice asking residents if they want to trigger a BY-ELECTION; TEN residents have to respond saying they do want one for a by-election to go ahead. If 10 residents do not request a by-election we move on to the CO-OPTION phase. In this phase eligible people who would like to join the Council fill in an application form. The forms go through to a meeting of the full Council and Councillors vote on who they would like to co-opt. A leaflet explaining a bit more about how it all works is attached here for you.

  • Gresford West has FIVE Council places
  • Gresford East has THREE Council places
  • Marford and Hoseley has SIX Council places



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