Gresford Community Council

Gresford Community Council works for the communities of Gresford and Marford-and-Hoseley to ensure they remain attractive, inclusive and safe places to live. Community Councillors are residents who volunteer their time towards the provision of services and improving local areas. The Council raises a budget each year ( the ‘Precept’) which is contributed from the rates paid by households to spend specifically in the local area. Council responsibilities include the provision of  footpath lighting, the cemetery, school crossing patrols, children’s playgrounds and other local facilities.

What does the Council do?

Here is a list of the statutory and other powers exercised by Gresford Community Council since its inception on 1st April 1985


In 2004 the Community Council took over responsibility for the management, and future provision, of services at Gresford Cemetery in an effort to contain running costs and maintain the high standards required for a cemetery in the 21st century. Find more information on our dedicated Cemetery Service page.

Christmas Lighting

Since 2008 the Community Council has provided a decorated Christmas tree near the Post Office on Chester Road in Gresford. A Carol Service around the tree is also arranged each year.

​Community Council Tax

The ‘Precept’ is the term used for the portion of Council Tax which is payable to the Community Council by Wrexham County Borough Council each year.  The amount is determined by the Community Council annually through its planning and budget – setting process where we look at how much money will be needed to meet all the coming expenses and demands. In this way the Council ensures that all expenses will be met and that there are reserves available to cover ‘rainy days’ and unexpected needs.


The National Assembly of Wales, central government and its agencies, Wrexham County Borough Council, the Environment Agency Cymru and Welsh Water all sometimes seek comments and observations on any changes or improvements they envisage. We post relevant consultations on this website so that you are aware of them.

Environmental work

The Community Council makes representations to Wrexham County Borough Council (WCBC) on any matters that detrimentally affect the local environment. The Community Council, encouraged by WCBC, set up an environment group in 2001 which later became known as IMAGE (Improve Marford and Gresford Environment).  This is now self-managed with the aim of improving environmental aspects of Gresford, Marford and Hoseley – for example, the tubs of plants you see around the villages are provided and maintained by IMAGE. The group usually meets on the first Sunday of each month to work on the village environment, caring for the plant tubs and picking up litter, for example. The Community Council supports IMAGE when it can in the purchase of planters  and the bench by the notice board in Gresford; the Council also donated towards the renovation of the Victorian water fountain opposite The Plough. We are also very pleased and proud to have Maes-y-Pant in our community and we support this group whenever we are able to.

Financial Assistance

Donations are awarded annually to local organisations and national charitable institutions to assist with their expenses and projects. In this way the Community Council assists in the running of Gresford Trust, IMAGE, Maes-y-Pant and Gresford Community Library. For further information please go to GCC Grants page.


The Community Council assists the Unitary Authority in identifying obstructions and keeping open the footpaths in the Community to further the national policy of ‘Right to Roam’

Gresford Lake

This popular attraction is owned by the Community Council and maintained with the assistance of the Lakeside Residents Association. More information about the lake and its maintenance can be found on our Gresford Village Lake page.


The Council funds the provision of lighting on footways throughout the community and in public areas – for example, by the Scout Hut.  Gresford Trust Memorial Hall funds its own lighting. WCBC carries out the repairs and maintenance under an agreement with the Community Council, and we also have a contract for maintenance, currently with Mega. Energy is provided by Scottish Power. If you spot that a lighting column is not working it’s easy to report this – just have a look at the column for the number. You can then report it to the Clerk (if it belongs to the Community Council) or ECBC (if it’s one of theirs). Go to our Lighting page for more information on this.


Trying to keep our villages litter-free is an ongoing – and vitally important – task; many residents pick up and bin (in a safe way) any litter they pass as they walk around the village. IMAGE also has regular litter-picking sessions to keep the villages looking their best. Litter bins are provided in public areas at the Community Council`s expense; they are emptied by the WCBC.  Our current  bin-emptier – David – does a fantastic job, and always with a big smile on his face! He is a great asset to this community – give him a wave and smile if you see him out-and-about. The Community Council also supports initiatives of the Keep Wales Tidy Group.


Acting as a pressure group with other authorities, the Community Council makes representations to the Police and Health Authorities and County Borough Council in an attempt to ensure that local services are not diminished and to bring problems and deficiencies to the attention of these service providers.  The Police Community Service Officers make reports to the Clerk and attend Council Meetings on a monthly basis; they participate with the Council in other public meetings to raise awareness of crime and antisocial behaviour in the community. The Community Council has good links with WCBC staff and does quite a lot of nagging about issues where we have no powers (such as issues to do with roads and traffic lights). We try to be on good terms with all those who can help to make our villages safe and attractive places to live.

Notice Boards/Website

We try to provide information to the public in different forms. The Council has provided the notice board near the old  Post Office, one at the top of Pant Lane, in Marford, and we maintain this Gresford Community Council website.


The Community Council has no ‘powers’ in relation to planning applications; all we can do is comment, the same as anyone else in the community. Copies of all applications for development within the community are received from the WCBC which is the ‘Planning Authority’. These are discussed at Community Council meetings and representations are made to the Planning Authority when necessary.

Play areas

Two children’s play and recreation areas are provided and maintained by the Community Council – Allington Park, which the Community Council leases from Gresford Trust, and Marford Play Area where the Community Council is in the process of negotiating a lease with WCBC. WCBC used to be responsible for this play area but it is trying to move such facilities into Community Councils to save money. We’re very happy to take this on – but it is because of new responsibilities like this that the Precept has to be raised from time-to-time. The fixed play equipment in both play areas is designed to cater for the healthy development of children and consists of swings, roundabouts and climbing apparatus chosen to try to make sure that both areas are equally well provided for. These areas are regularly inspected throughout the year and an annual report is received highlighting any required action. We make sure we budget for these inspections and for the maintenance and replacement of equipment when necessary (it’s not cheap!)

Public Benches

Benches are provided and maintained at certain locations in the Cemetery and throughout the community. Any benches purchased become something which we have to maintain and repair so we have to be careful what kind of benches we buy. The Gresford Lake land is a designated conservation area so there are even more considerations to take into account here. For this reason we have a policy on benches which you should read if you think you might like to purchase one. You can find the bench policy on the Policies  page.

More Information

You can find more information about the council on our Frequently Asked Questions page.