Full Council and Committee Meetings 2023-24

Information on what is due to be discussed in forthcoming meetings – and what has been discussed in past meetings – can be found on the Meetings of the Full Council and Committee Meetings pages.

General Amenities Committee – January 2024
6.30 via Zoom

Current Guidelines for Council Meetings

The Welsh Government has issued Regulations which allow for Council meetings to be undertaken using remote technology and states that any in-person meetings must enable those who wish to to join electronically; these are known as ‘hybrid’ meetings. At the moment there is little advice or guidance on how to deliver hybrid meetings effectively, not is there any funding to purchase the necessary technology. Our Council has no building and so the situation is further complicated in that we would probably need to purchase portable equipment.

Nevertheless, the Community Council has decided to try to set up hybrid meetings. Our September meeting is something of an experiment and will take place in the Blue Room in Gresford Trust AND via Zoom. Residents can join our meetings in-person or by using the weblink which is created for each meeting – everyone is very welcome.

​If you would like to attend a meeting via Zoom please contact the Clerk for advice and joining instructions on clerk@gresfordcommunitycouncil.gov.uk or 07470 631184. Your Community Councillors can also help if you have any comments, concerns or difficulties – visit the Councillorspage for their contact details.

Links to documents relating to forthcoming meetings can be found on this Calendar of Council Meetings page.

All the meeting dates for the coming year at a glance

These dates may have to change in light of events, but all these dates were agreed at the Annual Meeting of the Council on 4th May 2023. Meetings usually start at 6.30 pm. Contact the Clerk for specific details.

Dates For 2023 24 Final Amended Lighting 27 Sept 23 Page 1

Dates for 2023-24 FINAL (Amended) JPEG

Dates For 2023 24 Final (Amended) PDF


Meetings of the Full Council – first Thursday of each month @ 6.30pm:

  • 1st Jun 23
  • 4th Jan 24
  • 6th Jul 23
  • 1st Feb 24
  • 3rd Aug 23 (only if necessary)
  • 29 Feb (Leap yr)
  • 7th Sept 23
  • 4th Apr 245th Oct 23
  • 2nd May 24 (Annual Meeting)
  • 2nd Nov 23
  • 6th Jun 24
  • 7th Dec 23
  • 4th Jul 24

Finance Comm (Mondays):

  • 12th Jun 23
  • 20th Sep 23
  • 13th Nov 23
  • 12th Feb 24
  • 10th Jun 24

General Amen Comm (Weds):

  • 19th Jul 23
  • 18th Oct 23
  • 16th Jan 24 (Tues)
  • 13th Mar 24
  • 17th Jul 24

Cemetery Comm (Weds):

  • 11th Jul 23
  • 7th Nov 23
  • 19th Mar 24
  • 9th Jul 24

Lighting Comm (Tues):

  • 27th Sep 23
  • 21st Feb 24

Bank holidays:

  • Mon 28 Aug
  • Mon 25 Dec
  • Tue 26 Dec
  • Mon 01 Jan
  • Fri 29 Mar
  • Mon 01 April
  • Mon 06 May
  • Mon 27 May
  • Wed 25 Dec
  • Thur 26 Dec