Gresford Allotment Association

Allotment plots in Gresford

Gresford allotments are tucked away in a quiet corner of the village in a delightful rural setting and have provided fresh, healthy fruit and vegetables for local people for generations.

Renting an allotment is also not as expensive as you think: 

Annual rents:

  • Full plot – £30
  • Half plot – £18
  • Quarter plot – £12

If you are interested in having your own allotment, and live in the villages of Gresford, Marford or Rossett, write with your contact details to this email address  jerry.okeeffe@hotmail.co.uk. There’s quite a long waiting list so get your enquiry in as soon as you can.

Allotments nationally have undergone something of a renaissance over the last few years, as people have realised how useful they are to support active living and healthier lifestyles, and how much fun can be obtained from growing your own fruit and vegetables. The use of allotments performs many roles, and meets many needs – from getting people outdoors, carrying out physical exercise, to the pleasure of eating your own home grown food and socialising with like-minded people who always seem to have the time to offer advice, share experiences or simply to have a chat.
Working an allotment isn’t rocket science. It requires some hard work and diligence to get it sorted and maintained, but it also brings many advantages. In addition to keeping you physically fit, research shows that working your allotment is an excellent stress-buster and will keep you mentally fit also.
With growing concerns about methods of modern food production, you will also discover that the fresh fruit and vegetables you have grown yourself are healthier and taste far, far better than anything you will buy in a supermarket.