Fifth view of Gresford Cemetery

Current Advice on funerals and COVID -19

Our Assistant Clerk is Steve Harris – many of you will know him from his work over the years in village sports and groups – looks after the cemetery. You can contact him on 07554 397995 or email him using this address: asstclerk@gresfordcommunitycouncil.gov.uk 

The information and regulations in relation to funerals has changed overt time as the COVID pandemic has waxed and waned. The Welsh Government provides information on its own website called ‘Guidance on Funerals: COVID-19′.

All restrictions were recently removed in Wales (28th January 2022) so the number of attendees is now only limited by the risk assessment and capacity of the indoor venue being used to in seeking to keep mourners safe. You will need to check with the people operating the premises you are thinking of using. It’s probably still a good idea if attendees are invited to the funeral by the organiser rather than just turning up if they haven’t been specifically asked. Interments of ashes are considered as part of the burial.

Venues must follow the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.2) (Wales) Regulations 2020 and should also follow the guidance on the Impact of the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No. 2) (Wales) Regulations 2020 on Funerals. This specifies that cemeteries and crematoria, funeral directors and hospitality businesses or community centres which may be used to hold ‘wakes’ all fall within the definition of ‘open premises’. The regulation requires those responsible for premises to take reasonable measures which must be taken by all workplaces and premises open to the public to minimise the risk of exposure to coronavirus.

Welsh Government guidance has not been updated since July 2021. We have written to our AM to ask for an update and she has said she will look into this for us. WCBC recently sent out a briefing note which said that the numbers allowed in the Pentrebychan Crematorium have reverted to 100 now that Wales is, once again, at COVID Alert Level 0.

Things change as the virus changes. Our advice is to always talk to your funeral director who ought to know what the current situation and rules are. Our Cemetery staff will do their very best to help you.

Gresford Cemetery

Gresford Cemetery is an attractive burial ground situated in a secluded corner of the village of Gresford. Opened in 1917, the first burial took place on the 20th March that year. It has 1,534 burial plots and 153 cremated remains plots. The cemetery consists of traditional lawned grave plots, with some older graves having kerbstones. Mature trees provide shade and contrast, and seating is available for visitors to spend time in the cemetery if they wish. It is open to the public all day, every day. The cemetery grounds are accessible to vehicles; drivers are encouraged to close the gates upon leaving.

Keeping the cemetery beautiful

The small building at the entrance known as the ‘shelter’ was renovated in 2018. It is opened to the public on funeral days and most Bank Holidays. A wall of remembrance has now been installed inside the shelter; families can purchase a small black granite plaque in memory of a loved one which will then be placed on the wall at a cost of £140.

At the end of 2012 the pathways were repaired which greatly enhanced visitors’ safety and the appearance of the site. Each year there are unexpected costs, such as in 2021 when we had a bad storm and lots of trees were damaged or blown down and had to be dealt with. The Cemetery Committee exists to plan for future improvements and expenditure for the cemetery; if you go to the page you can look at the Minutes of their meeting. The Community Council allocates a budget each year for this purpose.

For all enquiries relating to the Cemetery Service please contact:

Steve Harris, Assistant Clerk; email asstclerk@gresfordcommunitycouncil.gov.uk or ‘phone 07554 397995


First view of Gresford Cemetery
Second view of Gresford Cemetery
Third view of Gresford Cemetery
Fourth view of Gresford Cemetery
Fifth view of Gresford Cemetery

The current fees and charges for Gresford Cemetery are provided below

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