New toddler swings

Recreation and play are important in our villages

We are lucky to have many play and recreation amenities in our Community Council area, some of which are maintained by local organisations, like the Lake and Maes-y-Pant – which the Community Council helps with grants and support whenever it can – while others are the direct responsibility of the Community Council alone.

We are have two really good children’s play areas in our Community Council area. Every year we pay to have all the equipment externally inspected by an RPII-registered  inspector because safety is of paramount importance in children’s playgrounds. All the equipment is inspected against British Standards in line with ROSPA recommendations.

After the inspections members of the General Amenities Committee walk the areas looking at what has been pointed out and deciding what action – if any – we need to take. The inspection process risk-assesses all its recommendations from high (red) to low (green); anything red would be immediately addressed. The last inspection took place in April 2021; the reports are attached below for you to look at. Everything identified was low risk – which we were pleased about. Walking the inspection report we felt that the toddler swings were looking rather tired and worn so we replaced these with the lovely, colourful ones you can see in the picture at the head of this page. We recently bought some splendid goals for Marford Play area and, in 2021, we also added a disabled-friendly picnic table and bench there. We purchased new benches in the community area.

Part of enjoying the area is having the grass and the hedges looking attractive and the Community Council has grass and hedge-cutting contracts to make sure this happens.

The General Amenities Committee looks after play and recreation on behalf of the Community Council. You can see when they are due to meet by looking at the Calendar of Council Meetings and you can look at meeting agendas and read the Minutes of meetings by going the General Amenities Committee page.

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